Sunday, September 16, 2012

Nail Polish Removal

We've all seen a million ideas on Pinterest. But how many of them actually work? Could I really clean a microwave and tub with vinegar? Are creating designs on my nails really that easy? Would my cupcakes come out that amazing looking? I want to try some of these to see which ones work.

One that I have been wanting to try is this pin which says that the removing nail polish process can be real easy and cheap. I'm always one of those people who puts off taking off nail polish because it's just annoying to sit there scrubbing each nail individually. Sometimes it takes forever to get every last bit of the nail polish off. So any way to make it easier is fine by me. I found this process so easy! Here's how it worked for me:

remove nail polishremove nail polish
This is all you need. Nail polish remover, 2 cotton balls and a cup to put the remover in.
My nails beforehand. Yikes!

 remove nail polish
To get started, pour some nail polish remover into the cup. Unroll one of the cotton balls and split the strip into two pieces vertically. Then tear the cotton strips into 10 or 12 little pieces

Once you are ready to get started, dip the tip of each cotton ball into the cup. The cotton ball will start absorbing the remover once tip hits the liquid. Don't put the whole cotton ball in; it'll get wet on its own.

remove nail polish
Put each wet cotton ball piece onto your nails. Push down when you apply each one. Relax for a minute or two while the cotton balls do their work.

Take the second cotton ball and start removing the nail polish. Start on the bed or bottom of your nail and then just push/move the cotton ball up using a little of force. The nail polish came off so easily! I couldn't believe it. It all came off in seconds.

remove nail polish
Next do the same process on your second hand.
The nail polish on this hand came off even better! Pretty much all of it came off.

I would definitely recommend this pin. The process was incredibly easy. It was just about a minute of doing actual work, and a couple of minutes of waiting while the cotton balls were on my nails. Enjoy!

Pinterest tested. CM approved :)

xo ~CM

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