Monday, September 17, 2012

Dry Nail Polish Quick

I'm lucky enough to get free nail polish from work which is awesome because I love trying out different colors. And since I found an easy and quick way to remove nail polish, now the only downside to experimenting with nail color is that nail polish takes forever to dry. I am always scared that I'm going to smudge my nails right away and I feel like I can't touch or do anything while they're drying. So when I found this pin on Pinterest, I was excited. But when I tried out the pin, I found that it wasn't as perfect as it seemed to be.

dry nail polish
According to the pin, if you submerge your nails into cold ice water for 3 minutes, your nails will be completely dry when you remove them. I was really optimistic after having so much success with the nail polish removal pin but when I put my hands into the water, I was starting to have my doubts. And the water was really cold which I probably should have been prepared for considering it's ice water. 

dry nail polish

I kept my hands in the water for approximately 4 minutes and when I removed them, my nails seemed pretty dry. When I touched them, they felt pretty dry too but they weren't dry enough to be completely smudge proof.
By the next morning, they did have a couple of minor smudges but nothing major. 

Overall, the process was okay. I would try drying my nails like this again but I'm just not going to expect perfect results. As for the nail color? Not a huge fan so I think I'll go with something else next time.

xo ~CM

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