Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Tangled Birthday

When my niece turned three in July, my sister of course wanted to make her birthday very special. My niece loved loved LOVED her 2nd birthday party. She constantly talked about all of the people who came and how much fun she had. She loved it so much that she would sit smiling at the table where everyone sang happy birthday to her and would pretend in her head that it was her birthday. So when my sister asked her a couple of months before her birthday what she wanted to do for her party, she immediately got excited and started making her guest list. She is obsessed with the movie Tangled so it was no surprise when she said that she wanted to have a Tangled birthday party.

When it came closer to the big day, my sister was having a hard time finding a Tangled cake so she decided to make her own. She looked up some ideas on Pinterest and google and saw that some people created their own tower out of things like donuts. One of my nieces favorite things to bake with my sister are rice crispy treats so she decided that to make the tower out of those. Genius! Rice crispy treats are easy to make and you can easily mold them. My sister used cupcakes for the "grass" and more rice crispy treats for the "road" under the cupcakes. And of course it's not a Tangled scene without the Snuggly Duckling - one of my nieces favorite parts of the movie.

I was so impressed. The cake came out fantastic and my niece absolutely loved it. At the party she went around to everyone asking "did you see my beautiful cake?" She was so proud of her cake and her mommy.

The birthday girls' favorite part of the party? Her birthday cake :)

xo ~CM

tangled rapunzel birthday cake
Birthday Cake

tangled rapunzel birthday cake
Birthday Party Cake

tangled rapunzel birthday cake
Birthday Party Cake - Road under the cupcakes

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