Saturday, October 20, 2012

Travel Packing Tips

I travel a lot, both for business & personal, so I try to make packing as easy as possible. I am always looking for helpful packing tips to make packing even easier for myself. I also try and be as efficient as possible so I can fit that extra outfit into my bag since I do over pack. Recently I saw a couple of easy and simple tips on Pinterest.

I usually bring my straightening iron with me when I travel. The only hard part about doing this is that I cannot straighten my hair right before packing because I don't like to put the iron in my bag when it's really hot. But recently on Pinterest I found a solution to this. All you have to do is put your iron into an oven mitt. So easy! And now I don't have to worry anymore.

Who has ever had their liquids leak all over their bag and things? I have. And it's really annoying to have all of your things covered with shampoo, especially when you're in a hotel and can't do laundry. On Pinterest, I finally found a tip that will (hopefully) help. All you have to do is put plastic wrap over the top of the lid, and then close the top. All of your things should now be protected. Since using this tip, nothing has leaked. I've used this tip once and so far, so good.

prevent leaky liquids & shampoo while traveling

Here are some of my personal packing tips. Hope they're useful!
  • Instead of bringing full size products with you (or buying travel size), just use free samples that you have. From Sephora and other places, I use my sample moisturizer, brushes, shampoo, perfume, and more. It makes things a lot easier to pack. I leave these smaller products in my travel bag so I'm ready to go at anytime.
  • Try and bring a shoes that go with more than one outfit. I know, it's hard. But your bag be a lot easier to carry and you'll have more room in your bag for souvenirs for the trip home!
  • Every time I pack all of my clothes that I want to bring into my bag and then I take everything out and remove at least one piece of clothing. Trust me, you won't be wearing it.

Any other useful travel tips?

xo ~CM