Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Inspiration can come from anything and anywhere. It could come from a picture on the side of a building, a song or someone's encouraging words. Lately most people have been getting their inspiration from Pinterest. People are going to Pinterest to get inspiration for weddings, nurseries, and style. They decide they want to become a master chef, excel in crafts and get rockin' abs. They dream and plan perfect parties and vacations. In reality, most people probably spend more time pinning then actually doing these things but I would hope most get ideas. Whether or not people actually carry out these new hopes and dreams, they are still inspired. Even if it is just for a moment.

I like to use Pinterest as bookmarks for things that I want to try in the future along with inspiration. I'm skeptical of some of the pins that I have seen so I want to try them out and see how they work and document it along the way. I also want to post other things I see and my own ideas so I have all of my inspirations in one place. With any luck, I'll learn a lot through it all and become a more creative person.

And if anyone is reading, I would love to know what inspires you!

xo ~ CM