Friday, December 7, 2012

What is Art.

In honor of this weekends Art Basel Miami, I decided to write about one of my favorite places in the city, the MoMA museum. While Art Basel is becoming more of a scene where people go to party, I like to think that art in NYC is still about, well, art. I've been a member of the MoMA for the past couple of years and it's a fun, relaxing atmosphere and there's no better place to get inspired at. It's just such a laid back place and you could just chill at for hours. Some of the pieces are absolutely amazing and while others you question what it's doing at a museum and that I've done better.

There's currently an exhibit devoted to Edvard Munch. He's such an artist; in some of his pictures, you could truly see into his soul. Like in this painting of his sister who died young:

Edvard Munch at the MoMA

In this exhibit, I also learned that in "The Scream," the man in the picture isn't actually screaming. He's really covering his ears to block he howling of the wind. Who would have thought!

Edvard Munch at the MoMAEdvard Munch at the MoMA

Of course it's not a trip to the MoMA without visiting my favorite artist, Warhol. Here's one of the pieces that is currently at the MoMA. I just happen to have a miniature version of this hanging in my apartment. He was truly an icon and genius. And like all great artists, a little off.

Check out my Instagram for other pictures of my visit @alwayssinspire. And, hey, maybe I'll start working on my masterpiece soon ;)

xo ~CM

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