Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Recent Inspirations

Wow! I just checked my blog page for the first time in a week and notice I have over 1,000 views. How did that happen! I'm surprised because I really haven't told anyone about the blog and the views aren't from me because of my settings. So thanks to anyone who checks out my page, I really appreciate it!! And thanks Pinterest for help spreading the word. Crazy. All of the views inspire me to keep on writing :)

I just wanted to touch upon some things that have been in the news for the past couple of days. First, the horrific Sandy Hook shooting. How can someone purposely do such an awful thing to innocent children?! The whole thing makes me sick to my stomach and my thoughts are with everyone who was affected. The tragedy has inspired people to step up and try to get the gun laws changed. I personally am completely on board for changing the gun laws. Guns lead to nothing good. Most people say that this won't stop people from killing others and blah blah but it would make things a lot harder and I believe that it would stop at least some. A day or two before the CT incident, a man in China attacked around the same amount of people with a knife. The difference between the knife and gun incidents? No one died when the knife was involved in this particular example. And unstable people also should not have access to guns and shouldn't be allowed to practice shooting. I would think that this would be common sense...

The other thing that has been all over news today is the Instagram policy changes. People are freaking out because they think that starting mid January, Instagram will own all pictures posted to the app and that they will be able to use them without permission in advertisements. I think the people freaking out and deleting their account is a little unnecessary. The policy isn't going to stay in place, especially once Instagram realizes that every company, magazine, celebrity, photographer, consumer is going to delete their account (which they have already started to realize). If they don't change the policy at all, I will definitely be deleting my account but until then, people should just carry on doing what they're doing. Let your voice be heard but don't freak out and lose your pictures just yet because I would bet that they are going to change this. There's a reason why they announced the policy change so early. Instagram has inspired so many people to take gorgeous pictures and I'm confident that this will continue.

Until then, feel free to check out my account @ @alwayssinspire. I'll be posting some recent pictures from the MET soon. Absolutely loved the Warhol/60's Pop Art exhibit. I love how he can take things that are so simple and turn them into art. He has truly inspired so many people. My only complaint that you cannot take pictures in the particular exhibit.

Andy Warhol - Marilyn Monroe lipsNYC

Thanks again and always inspire :)
xo ~CM

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